Tips to Help your Cats Live all 9 of their Lives ... and make yours less stressful, too!

Here you will find a collection of amazing 7-step lists and articles on how to maintain a happy home -- no matter how many cats you have!
Is your cat weird?

Does he do disgusting things?

Does she hide under the sofa?

Can't stop him from scratching everything?

Is she too picky about food?

Are you ready to "give him back?"

Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

Is everything going great at your house? Cats happy? You're happy?

I hope so. I don't want to find out that you had to send Kitty back to the shelter because you couldn't handle a problem that came up... perhaps one of the many common problems that most people encounter with their cats.

Certainly, it's not your fault. No one ever told you these things, maybe. But it isn't Kitty's fault, either.

From the day humans decided to live with animals -- especially cats -- it has been our responsibility to learn how to make it work out. Historically, it hasn't always been the happiest outcome for the cats, largely due to ignorance.

Sadly, even today, millions of cats don't make it. Every year, many are either killed or left to make it on their own -- and most of those die, too -- all because of some problems that could have been solved.

Since I have worked in an animal shelter for a number of years, believe me, I've seen hundreds of these poor, frightened animals come and go. They are confused, scared and depressed. And 99% of the time, there is no health problem to justify their deaths.

Quite simply, it is the human factor that has let them down.

Often, owner surrenders are due to some very specific, but very common problems, including:

  • Not using the litter box (number one problem)

  • Urinating on or behind furniture

  • Pooping in the corners

  • Biting or scratching the humans in the home

  • Scratching the furniture, carpets or woodwork

  • Hiding -- not being social

  • Picky eating habits

  • ... and more

But these are easily solved ... IF you are willing to learn about your cat!


In Your Cat: 7 Steps to 9 Lives, you will learn:

   The 7 hardest things to do with a cat

   The 7 worst mistakes you can make with a cat

   7 Reasons to adopt an older cat

   The 7 weirdest things cats eat

   The 7 most disgusting things cats do

   7 Reasons adoptions may fail

   7 Tips for moving with a cat

   7 Mysteries about cats

   and... How to Tame a cat in 7 Days.


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I hope you enjoy this book and that the tips will help you and your cat have a happy and long relationship!


(a.k.a. Dr. R.J. Peters)

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